New Rules for all Tenn BJJ Federation tournaments

As attempt to bring combat back into Brazilian Jiu-JItsu we are adopting a NEW rules set for all of our events. Although the Standard points system will be used as most BJJ events, we are dropping the use of Advantages and we will use a overtime in case of a Tie. As well when matches are not interfered we will allow fights to float into another ring to avoid the matches being stopped. Matches will be stopped when off of the matted area or they interfere with another match.

2 points- take down, throw, sweep from guard or half guard and knee on belly position
3 points-passing guard into mount, cross side, north south position
4 points- Full mount, side mount, back mount or back grab

Positions must be held for 3 seconds

Some Changes in which we are allowing and Not following the IBJJF or other BJJ organizations are-

Knee Reap IS allowed in All divisions 

Blue belts and Higher as well as Int and Adv no gi- May use toe holds, knee and elbow slicer and knee bars.

NOTE-Neck cranks, Heal hooks, twisting foot locks or knee are still disallowed in this event -REPEAT, NOT ALLOWED

Kids May use guiloteenshead and arm chokes as well as folding arm chokes or ezekiel 

Below is detailed Rules

Allowed submissions:

Kids up to age 15yrs old- gi and or no gi -Chokes, Ezekiel (no palm to neck or palm to throat, AKA rape choke)Shoulder locks(except Omoplata) straight Arm locks, Head and arm, guiloteens arm in or out, 

16-17 yr olds and all Adult White belt & Beg NO gi-allowed submissions, arm locks, shoulder locks, chokes, Straight Ankle lock, Torso pressure choke

Adult Blue,Purple,Brown,Black and Int & Adv no gi-arm locks, shoulder locks, chokes, Straight Ankle lock, Torso pressure choke

OVERTIME-In the case tie, there will be a overtime in which the first person to score a point or submission will win. There are NO advantage points.

During overtime, pulling guard or sitting to guard is NOT allowed unless a throw, sweep or submission is attempted within 3 seconds. A competitor attempting to sit or pull guard without a throw, sweep or submission shall be stood back to the feet without grips and restarted. Two illegal guard pulls or sitting shall be disqualified. Using illegal submissions or positions will result in disqualification. Submission Positions out of bounds will be brought back in the ring and restarted in the same position. 1st to score  or  a submission wins-

There is a 3 min time limit for adults and 2 min for kids. If no score in Overtime the Referee will choose a winner by aggressiveness in the overtime match

ALL fighters apply-​Illegal moves and you will be disqualified during the match at any time are:
A)Using a submission that is not allowed per your belt or experience division.
B)Heel hook or twisting foot lock, Neck crank front or side
C)slamming your opponent to escape a position or submission
D)Fleeing the ring to escape a position or submission
E)Biting, Pinching, grabbing a finger or toe, attacking the eyes, fish hooking,cursing, mocking your opponent and any other bad sportsmanship during, after or in between matches.
(F)No Palm to front of throat or sides of throat, AKA Rape choke
Your coach may also get the competitor disqualified by yelling at the referee or trying to interfere in the match at anytime or by acting with bad sportsmanship at any time.

F)Coaches must sit in the coach chair(one person per ring per competitor) A coach who keeps standing or getting out of their chair during the match shall be disqualified from the match and must leave the coach area.
G)Interfering with ring staff shall not be allowed and may result in disqualification.

Kids/Teens- will be matched as close to weight and experience as possible, we do reserve the right to combine divisions to allow competition. 16-17 yr olds may use a straight ankle lock.

Match Time-
Kids up too 15 yrs -3 Mins
Teens-16-17 yrs- 4 Mins
White belt & Beg-5 Mins
Blue belt & Int-6 Mins
Purple-Black and Adv-7 Mins