Tenn State Jiu-Jitsu & Martial Arts Championships
Gi and No gi grappling
Continuous fighting (teen & adults)
Karate Point fighting, Forms and Weapons
1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals in all divisions

LOCATION- Alcoa High Gym
532 Faraday street
Alcoa, TN 37801

 Local Hotels: Holiday Inn express 130 Associates rd. Alcoa TN 37701 (865)981-9008

Registration begins at 8am on Sat. until 30 mins before your division begins

Order of events
930am National Anthem 
945am Rules meeting
10am Ring 1 and 2 Kids Gi grappling
10am Ring 3 and 4 Adult black belt Weapons followed by forms
11am Ring 1 and 2 Kids No GI grappling
11am Ring 3 and Ring 4 Adult Under belt Weapons followed by forms
12pm Ring 1 & 2 Kids weapons Brown & BLK and Under rank Followed by forms
12pm Ring 3 & 4 Adult & Teen Continuous sparring
1pm Ring   3 &  4 Adult Point sparring Under belt
145pm  Ring 1 & 2 Kids Point sparring
2pm  Ring 3 & 4 Adult Gi grappling all belts
No GI adult and Black belt Point fighting will take place after  Adult Gi divisions 
Are finished.