Adult Male/Female White, Blue, Purple, Brown/Black belt divisions
Adult Male/Female No Gi, Beg. 1 yr & under, Int. 1-3 yrs, Adv. over 3 yrs
All Weights Without Gi on 
Gi and No Gi adult weights

$NEW$ Mens Open Weight-Entry fee share- Attention Brown and black belts, We will hold two open weight classes for brown and black belts. Entry fee for the tournament is 60.00 in which will also cover this division. The winner of the brown and black open weight will take 50% off the entry fees for the division, Example- If 8 people compete in the division your prize will be 240.00, Both divisions will be Gi divisions, although if there is not more then two register we can combine the divisions if everyone agrees. 

Men  18-34yrs: up too 135,136-150, 151-165, 166-179, 180-194,195-214, 215 & up

Men Master 35 -49 :up too 160, 161-179, 180-199,200 & over

Men 50 and over-Will be divided depending on how many men are in this divisons(we reserve the right to bracket in the 35-49 without notice)

Women 18 & over up too 131, 132-150, 151 & over

Kids & Teens- Gi & no Gi  will be grouped by weight 1st & Experience next

16 and 17 yr old male or Female may compete in the adult class with parents permission, Please sign up as Adult.